mycelium – [mʌɪˈsiːlɪəm]

Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus or fungus-like bacterial colony, consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae. Mycelium is the underground part of the fruiting body growing outwards to look for water and nutrients such as nitrogen, carbon, potassium and phosphorus, which the mycelium transports to the fruiting body so it can continue to produce biomass and grow.


why mycelium? 

You’re right. There are no fungi products for sale here, yet I find mycelium incredibly inspiring. When I was a teenager, I learned that fungus had complex cycles of reproduction, and constituted a kingdom of their own: they resemble us (animals), since they are heterotrophs, and do not use photosynthesis to get energy; they resemble plants, as they can break down complex molecules, such as lignine, and they are key reassemblors and decomposors of all ecosystems, aquatic and terrestrial. When I was in my mid-twenties, I learned about how trees in forests were interconnected through large networks of underground mycelium that also served as nutrient passageways. Trees, could, in fact, cooperate through these mycelial networks, and share nutrients with weaker trees. My mind was blown, and I learned a lot about mycelium, and how fungi might help us think and live in more connected ways (along with doing some regenerative work for us). I hope that our minds will always be able to be in awe of the wonder that is our cosmos.


mycelium provides the following services: 

* creation and full-blown design of your regenerative, individual or collective project

* independent, applied social research for complex twenty-first century issues

* facilitation and live graphic recording for your event

* writing and editing services in the area of sustainability and regeneration

* consulting, public speaking and expertise in the area of sustainability and regeneration


I write and I edit. I am authoring a transdisciplinary book on agroecology and a science-fiction book on the transition. I have written both in academic and popular formats, and like to carry knowledge across to new edges, voices and styles.

I teach and facilitate. Most recently, I have taught ethics, philosophy and geography to teenagers, and ecology and permaculture design to adults and youngsters. I practice teaching for connection, and seek to embody that knowing is always relational. I seek to facilitate in a way that makes people shine. I like to also hold space to allow new things to emerge, in creating spaces that allow for serious play, and the possibility of safe connection and sacredness.

I co-create and develop community projects for resilience and wellbeing. I draw and paint and integrate those skills in my facilitation and development work. I lead and co-evolve organizational design, strategy and operational practices. I founded and developed CELL between 2010 and 2018, and have been involved in TERRA since its inception in 2014. I facilitate spaces for collective intelligence, playfulness and truly new things to emerge.


Feel free to have a look around to find out more about what I love doing! 


Photo Credit: Gabrielle Mustapich