Dr. Katy Fox is a social anthropologist, community organiser, teacher and ecosocial designer passionate about social and cultural change. Her doctoral research concerned itself with the impacts of EU agriculture policy on the lives of subsistence farmers in Romania (2006-2010). Her follow-up research in Romania (2009) brought to the fore environmental questions and she has since (2009-) worked with permaculturists and new types of environmental grassroots movements. While her earlier interests had a strong focus on the economy and power, her current work is more focused on systemic, deliberative paths for desired social change and the interconnections between ecosystems and social systems. After living in Scotland and Romania for a decade, she moved back to her native Luxembourg (Beckerich) in 2010 and founded CELL, the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, a non-profit organisation that serves as a laboratory for sustainable living, which she led until 2018. She still serves on the board of TERRA and does trainings for CELL. She developed Mycelium to focus her livelihood on permaculture design, regenerative living and community resilience capacity-building for the benefit of all for the time beyond our self-terminating civilisation.

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