Dr. Katy Fox is a social anthropologist, community organiser, teacher and ecosocial designer passionate about social and cultural change. Her doctoral research concerned itself with the impacts of EU agriculture policy on the lives of subsistence farmers in Romania (2006-2010). Her follow-up research in Romania (2009) brought to the fore environmental questions and she has since (2009-) worked with permaculturists and movements defending the right to a livelihood for small farmers. While her earlier interests had a strong focus on the economy and power, her current work is more focused on deliberative paths for desired social change and the interconnections between ecosystems and social systems. In 2010, she moved back to her native Luxembourg (Beckerich) and founded CELL, the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, a non-profit organisation that serves as a laboratory for sustainable living. She situates her thoroughly transdisciplinary work somewhere between systems theory, ecology, political economy, social science, permaculture design, art and radical pedagogy. She is particularly interested in putting resilience research into practice, participatory workshops, imaginative methods for bringing about change, has been involved in building one of the first public, circular economy earthships in the world and is currently on a journey towards better embodiment.

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Photo Credit: Peace Advocate Photography