Mycelium provides ecosocial design services. What does that mean?

Ecosocial: In our design of innovative projects, we balance ecological, social, economic and cultural aspects to provide a new perspective and premise on which to base successful projects. For us, the compartmentalisation of knowledge does not make sense in our interrelated world, and we need to think everything together in order to create projects that address the problems of our time.

Design: As human beings, we have the power to shape our ways of being and living. Operating within a design perspective means making obvious that all human behaviours, structure, institutions and people within them are the outcomes to human thought, work and intention. As such, these are not inevitable and can be changed, transformed in a process of redesign.

As ecosocial designers, we provide consulting services for specific aspects of your project or design the project from scratch. We have long-standing experience in designing and co-designing in the following fields:

* organisational design (e.g. structure, decision-making, change processes,…)

* social design (e.g. meetings, events, community gardens, collaborative processes,…)

* event design (e.g. day events or longer-term events)

* training design (e.g. courses for adult or youth in the area of ecology,…)

* land-based design (e.g. gardens, farms,…)

Please get in touch to discuss your project.