We offer live graphic recording so as to draw out all the potential and wisdom in your team in a visual and connected way.

Live graphic recording (also referred to as visual harvesting or graphic facilitation, etc.) involves capturing people’s ideas and expressions in words, images and colour as they are being spoken in the moment. Everyone in the room sees and experiences this live visualisation and can be a part of it. It is exactly this connectedness that allows them to see more, connect the dots, gain insights and enable sound decision-making.

Graphic recording supports the work of the facilitator and/or event manager in a cooperative way.

The support we use is a 3 metre long graphic wall.

We will require a well-lit space of at least 4×2 m on the ground, ideally a few metres away from the public. We currently only offer analog graphic facilitation services, but can refer you to colleagues that are using digital graphic recording techniques.

Contact us to discuss ways in which graphic recording might enhance your event. Check the portfolio for examples of live graphic recording.