I write and I edit. I am authoring a transdisciplinary book on agroecology and a science-fiction book on the transition. I have written both in academic and popular formats, and like to carry knowledge across to new edges, voices and styles.

I teach and facilitate. Most recently, I have taught ethics, philosophy and geography to teenagers, and ecology and permaculture design to adults and youngsters. I practice teaching for connection, and seek to embody that knowing is always relational. I seek to facilitate in a way that makes people shine. I like to also hold space to allow new things to emerge, in creating spaces that allow for serious play, and the possibility of safe connection and sacredness.

I co-create and develop community projects for resilience and wellbeing. I draw and paint and integrate those skills in my facilitation and development work. I lead and co-evolve organizational design, strategy and operational practices. My playground for this has been CELL since 2010. I facilitate spaces for collective intelligence, playfulness and truly new things to emerge.