I acknowledge and work with the complexity inherent in social and organisational settings.

I co-create within groups in ways that values the collective wisdom of the team. I instigate and support the questioning of assumptions, and the sustained reflection on practices inherent in a social situation.

I propose integrated solutions.

I enrich existing perspectives through a holistic approach inspired by critical anthropology, action-research and systems theory and the flexible multiple methods integral to anthropology.

I offer the results of my research and analysis in formats adapted to the needs of my clients.

I open new spaces of expression, creativity and innovation.

I work in a rigorous, organised and authentic ways, while remaining empathetic and open to collaborators’ perspectives.

I create as I breathe, work with joy, strive for solution-oriented thinking and beauty always, settle for nothing less than excellence.

I seek to speak with authenticity and responsibility.  

I strive to live with grace, humility, intention, mindfulness, and love.

Photo Credit: unsplash-logoSencer Yılmaz